Innovative and Exciting Messages That Will Enable Audiences to Discover, Grow and Succeed!

Our unique “Horsepower Approach” gives you the ability to discover that the techniques for successful communication and leadership with horses parallel successful communication and leadership with people!

This innovative program was created to provide meaningful, impactful techniques and strategies that will energize you to make powerful, lasting changes!

This is not a typical motivational speaker “entertaining” you!

This is not a “heard it before” training event.

This is not a horse-whisperer side-show.

This is a very unique program that gives you the opportunity to revitalize your skills and abilities for success!

Betti’s presentations are tailored to her audience’s needs and goals. The inspiring programs are researched and customized to realize hidden performance potential, rise above the competition and exceed expectations!

Our program is successful because it makes an unforgettable impact personally and professionally.

It’s interesting and stimulating…and challenges it’s audiences to take action, develop and achieve!

The inspirational, fun, energy-charged, powerful concepts stay with you long after the event. They are practical, effective and transformational!

The program has an energy and message that connects with audiences. Our audiences leave energized, inspired, excited and alive with possibilities!

Horses have been around for 45 million years!

We can learn from horses and by identifying their characteristics we can better understand ourselves and others. Horses are truthful, authentic, and open. Horses don’t lie. They don’t have agendas or ulterior motives. They are honest creatures and react to what they see. They will mirror how others perceive you and your behavior! With horses you receive real, honest feedback.

Horses can teach us how to be successful, improve our communication skills and expand our abilities in social intelligence! How we interact with horses demonstrates how we interact with people!

Special note – When you customize your program, you can choose to use the horse metaphors as often as you’d like to stimulate thinking! Or you can utilize our on-hands program at an equestrian center and experience in person these valuable lessons from the world’s most profound teacher – the horse.