Insights on Achieving With Purpose, Power & Passion

“Motivating the Unmotivated…with HorsePower!”

The driving force by which humans achieve their goals
I remember at a corporate meeting a few years back when the speaker said:
“A manager is not responsible for motivating the team…he can lead them…but a person’s motivation comes from within.”  I’ll let that sink in…..
Then think about the statement: “Motivation is a choice, not a symptom.”  So true.

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Achievement with Purpose, Power and Passion

What’s your definition of achievement, success and winning? What’s the difference? What’s important to you? What’s your plan to achieve success? And, what’s horsepower got to do with realizing personal and professional achievement and success? 

Live the moment!
The more present we are, the more aware we will be in real time, making us more sensitive and responsive in our lives. “Feel the rhythm, the action, be aware, make adjustments…and ride every stride”!

Love the moment!

Enjoy and focus on what you’re doing. Learn to be patient and put in the time, dedication and intensity to make it worthwhile. Make haste slowly!

Relinquish the past!
“Don’t look back”. Looking back is detrimental. It throws you off balance, breaks concentration, creates doubts…and steals time from the future!

Visualize you’re dreams!

An inspiring catalyst to live proactively. If you do what you enjoy, you’re going to do it well! Add passion and persistence as your “Success with HorsePower” wheel drives towards your future goals. 

Move into your future!
It’s your life’s plan – you control the reins. So, now is the time to start riding into the future that you’ve wanted. Envision your future, learn from the past, live in the moment and succeed with horsepower!  
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Communication Differences between Men and Women in the Workplace!

Recently I gave a two hour keynote presentation on “Communication Differences between Men and Women in the Workplace”!  The audience loved it and have already started applying some of the techniques – improve listening – understanding each other – appreciate the others diversity – and utilize the different strengths in a team to realize success!
This was a very interesting, fun and enlightening time with the audience! 
Here are just a few of the highlights we discussed…
The most frequently expressed complaint women have about men is that they don’t listen.
The most expressed complaint men have about women is that they talk too much and want to change them!
There is no “best” communication style for all workplace interactions.  Women have the edge in collaborative environments and men seem to take charge more readily!
To a woman, good listening skills include making eye contact and reacting visually to the speaker.  To a man, listening takes place with a minimum of eye contact and almost no verbal feedback!

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Newsletter – “Emerging Leadership Success … with HorsePower!” Recruiting

     Great leaders, no matter how good they are, know that real success comes from having the right people on their team.  Your employees are a direct reflection of you.
     Steve Jobs once said  “Assume you’re by yourself in a start-up and you want a partner. You’d take a lot of time finding the partner, right? He would be half of your company. Why should you take any less time finding a third of your company or a fourth of your company or a fifth of your company? When you’re in a start-up, the first ten people will determine whether the company succeeds or not. Each is 10% of the company. So why wouldn’t you take as much time as necessary to find all the A-players? If three were not so great, why would you want a company where 30% of your people are not so great? A small company depends on great people much more than a big company does.”
     Another important tip about hiring the right people from Lee Iacocca is “I hire people brighter than me and then I get out of their way.”
     Managers, once you get the right team in place, make sure you delegate and impower them to do what you hired them for.  Lead them with HorsePower!

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Emerging Leadership: Reliability, Loyalty, and Respect

      Managers and leaders want reliable, loyal, and respectful employees in order to have a productive team.  You have to exhibit the qualities you want.  You must be the example.

People you lead want to know that you can be relied on. They need to feel that you are honest, authentic and trustworthy.  They need to know that you’re a person of integrity…and that you’ve got their backs!  Never let the team down and show accountability!

Your employees want to feel respected, as do you.  If you want respect as a leader, start respecting those that you lead. Earning respect of others takes time and commitment, but it’s worth it! 

True leaders know that success is not something that is achieved overnight.  You use HorsePower!   HorsePower is focus, consistency, sustained effort and steadiness that done over a period of time produces results!

“Ride Every Stride…and do it with HorsePower!

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Emerging Leadership Success, Learn from Others … with HorsePower!”

When they reach leadership roles, many new managers struggle to achieve the results they are capable of delivering. Continuing with my leadership success tips, emerging leaders should consider learning from others.

Always remember, No matter how well educated, experienced, knowledgeable and skilled you are – you can always learn from others.  Many leaders discover that simply by listening more and talking less, they will learn from others.  Listening is key!




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