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New Year’s Resolutions, How did you do this year?

January  is the time for New Beginnings.  We set new goals, we write them down, we make vision boards all in hopes of being more organized and achieving our dreams.

Let’s try something before you get to your 2016 resolutions.  Look back at your goals for 2015 and pick the top 5.  How did you do?  Did you achieve all of them?  Think about the ones you met, and the ones you didn’t.  What made the difference?  Did you set realistic, measurable goals? Continue reading “New Year’s Resolutions, How did you do this year?”

Energize Without Disruptions for Improved Productivity!

If you count the number of disruptions and distractions you have in a single day… it’s overwhelming!  With emails, texts, endless pings, rings and vibrations…the concept of being able to just sit down and focus exclusively on one task is an inconceivable luxury!

Continue reading “Energize Without Disruptions for Improved Productivity!”