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Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is the capacity for recognizing our own feelings and those of others, for motivating ourselves, and for managing emotions well in ourselves and others.

Being able to accurately understand and perceive a person’s thoughts and emotions, even before exchanging words, through understanding nonverbal signals such as body language and facial expressions enables you to manage a relationship with success. Having the ability to reason, understand and manage yours and others emotions are strong components in relationship management and emotional intelligence! Continue reading “Emotional Intelligence”

Motivation is Everywhere!

Where do you get your motivation?  Do you listen to music?  Read books?  Meditate?

Most people don’t think of watching movies as a way to get motivated.  Movies can be so inspiring!  I wanted to share a few quotes with you from some of my favorites!  Continue reading “Motivation is Everywhere!”

“Motivating the Unmotivated…with HorsePower!”

The driving force by which humans achieve their goals
I remember at a corporate meeting a few years back when the speaker said:
“A manager is not responsible for motivating the team…he can lead them…but a person’s motivation comes from within.”  I’ll let that sink in…..
Then think about the statement: “Motivation is a choice, not a symptom.”  So true.

Continue reading ““Motivating the Unmotivated…with HorsePower!””