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Energize Without Disruptions for Improved Productivity!

If you count the number of disruptions and distractions you have in a single day… it’s overwhelming!  With emails, texts, endless pings, rings and vibrations…the concept of being able to just sit down and focus exclusively on one task is an inconceivable luxury!

We tell ourselves we need to stay connected in order to be productive and efficient. And were proud of our abilities to multi-task… but we need to swap multi-tasking for mindfulness!  By taking intentional periods away from technology and being able to focus in an absorbed way on a task were doing…we actually connect with our work, with each other and with high-quality, creative thinking!
You don’t have to go totally “off the grid”!  Just start building in small “notification-free” periods!  Start with 10 minutes then, as needed stretch the time that you’ll be laser focused.  You’ll be surprised with the quantity and quality of work you’ll complete! Your productivity will increase, communications will be more effective and you’ll feel more satisfied at the end of the day!


Think about these ideas:
Embrace the “Do Not Disturb” philosophy!  Turn off the notifications on your smartphones and computers for a time to realize improved productivity and really get things done!  Allow yourself to focus uninterrupted!
Communicate your plan to others.  Let your teams know what you’re doing to achieve better productivity!  When they see the results, they’ll adapt this time management skill for improved productivity and effectiveness to attain their own results!
Set goals for these focused sprints!  Decide on a couple of tasks you want to accomplish beforehand.  This will ensure that you’ll stay focused on your most important work without wasting time prioritizing! 
And…Remember to establish these ideas in your personal arenas!  They work!
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Take care and remember to …
Ride Every Stride…with HorsePower!

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