Build Momentum to Execute Change, Growth and Renewal Successfully

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Two of the greatest challenges business leaders have is to help their organizations understand and embrace change… and provide the Momentum required to execute that change successfully. Momentum is the key to total, ongoing transformation.

The Leadership Momentum Masterclass is perfect for any individual, leader or organization that wants to build or re-build Energy and Momentum!

It will be customized to your specific goals and is guaranteed to generate a Fearless Momentum Culture that will Influence, Innovate and Inspire to Accelerate Success and Impact Results!

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Energize Your Personal and Professional Leadership Communication Skills in a Unique, Fun, Memorable Hands-On Opportunity

Take part in the HorsePower Momentum Event…and learn from the Masters in Communication, Emotional Intelligence, Positive Reinforcement, Authenticity, Integrity, Respect, Trust, Inspirational Leadership, Change, Reinvention, Teamwork and… Learn how to “Ride Every Stride” with Purpose, Power and Passion!

Find out how the application of powerful leadership techniques are uniquely platformed with equine communication that mirror the challenges individuals face in organizations every day.

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The problems and challenges business face today are very similar. Leaders need to have a venue to communicate openly, discuss their issues and concerns candidly, and get candid feedback, suggestions, and ideas from others. They benefit from others’ experiences, both good and bad, from people that have been in their shoes. The best way to do that is through membership in a mastermind group.

Connect with Betti Coffey to join one of her unique and customized mastermind teams.

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