The Eye of Leadership Action Guide – Coming Soon! – April 1st, 2018


Fearless Momentum to Influence, Innovate and Inspire”


…Accelerate Success and Build Momentum that Impacts Results…for YOU!


The perfect companion book to “The Eye of Leadership”, discover how to personally harness your success and growth for maximum achievement!


Think about your potential and future in a different, unique way by personalizing the HorsePower techniques just for you!


Learn how to cultivate your talents and abilities and continually refuel yourself…with Momentum!


Discover the techniques and strategies you can use immediately that will make the difference between winning battle vs winning the ultimate war and create the roadmap that will generate a clear and actionable game plan for growth.


Remember, momentary triumphs and small accomplishments never last so you’ll want to know how to continually generate your personal Momentum!


Learn your unique strategy! You’ll set the baseline – then learn how to best utilize your personal formula for continued Momentum! You’ll be amazed to see how you’ve grown and the progress you’ve made!


This insightful Action Guide will help you understand who and where you are, what motivates you and what it’s going to take to raise the bar and continually achieve success!


You’ll review the HorsePower Wheel and gain insight into the 8 spokes. Then you’ll individualize them!

Learn the secret to resiliency, persistence and perseverance and the true meaning of HorsePower!

You’ll enjoy being in the saddle and “Riding Each Stride” with Purpose, Power and Passion!


Momentum does not have to be a brief or momentary feeling. Learn how to make Momentum totally transformational for you!


This is your individual, personal Action Guide for change.   Living with HorsePower and generating your personal power for Momentum is a skill you will cultivate encourage and adapt. It will become the most important skill in your life!


The question then becomes… what will you do with your new Momentum? Your new HorsePower?

That decision will be yours… may I suggest you reach for the stars!


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