The Eye of Leadership Book (6×9 Hardcover) – Coming Soon! – April 1st, 2018


The Eye of Leadership

Fearless Momentum to Influence, Innovate and Inspire

…Accelerate Success and Build Momentum that Impacts Results

  • Do you want to get unstuck, drive positive change, and accelerate growth with employee engagement…and do you want to know the secret to doing it …FAST!
  • Do you want to increase performance, productivity and profits…and do it with a new Momentum… a new mojo that lasts?
  • Do you want to think with a new mindset, learn how to get new traction both personally and professionally, and create growth that feeds on itself … constantly moving forward towards continual achievement?

This simple yet powerful book will show you how to build unstoppable Momentum in your life! It combines inspiring insights, insightful stories and unique Momentum strategies … all peppered with common horse sense and life-altering techniques …that will have a profound effect on how you live and succeed.


Harnessing your potential for unbridled success generating Momentum… fueled with HorsePower … is a successful combination for business growth leadership!


With the “Eye of Leadership”, you’ll gain new insights in the Momentum / HorsePower culture to:

  • Influence and Inspire with Effective Communication
  • Make Emotional Intelligence Work for You
  • Build Team Loyalty and Cohesion
  • Be the Leader You’d want to Follow
  • Inspire with Leadership Momentum that Makes the Difference
  • Embrace Change and Transformation with Momentum Throughout the Organization
  • Make Teamwork – Dream Work
  • Achieve with Purpose, Power and Passion Utilizing Momentum Secrets

Very few organizations and people have discovered the secret to sustaining continual growth.

Wouldn’t it be great to continually accelerate forward, achieving your super – muscle in Momentum!


Fearlessly Harness the Magnificent Power of Momentum to Change Your Life!


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