Momentum Business Growth Keynotes

Keynote Speaker Betti Coffey Entertains, Empowers and Energizes Your Organization Toward Peak Performance and High Levels of Achievement

Betti delivers programs that are motivating and informative in a very different and unique forum with a winning combination of warmth, humor, originality, and believability. Betti’s presentations, workshops and seminars have inspired thousands of people.  Her experiences as a corporate leader, businesswoman, and entrepreneur give her programs depth and credibility.  She understands the environments of executive management and the needs of employees, as well as the expectations of customers.

Betti empowers audiences to create and sustain MOMENTUM to energize cultures, embrace change and master the power of communication…through Horsepower!  What’s Horsepower?  It’s a unique combination of powerful leadership, communication, and team building techniques that correspond to the challenges we face in our day-to-day lives.  It’s special, distinctive and incredibly interactive!  Horsepower is surprisingly subtle—yet extraordinarily successful.  With Horsepower, Betti’s audiences learn to think differently… and discover unforgettable ideas and insightful concepts that they can immediately apply in both their professional and personal lives!

If you could have your teams open to thinking differently, ready to embrace change and collaborate their unique strengths…what value would that have for your organization?  That’s the true meaning of HORSEPOWER… and Betti helps companies create and sustain that MOMENTUM!

Betti is passionate about her message and embraces the uniqueness in every audience!  She has delivered hundreds of presentations making her one of the Most Requested Speakers in Business! She’s different from other speakers and can speak to groups from 20-20,000+ leaving them motivated and empowered to live with Purpose, Power and Passion and… “Ride Every Stride!”

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