Business Growth Leadership… With HorsePower!

Harnessing Your Potential for Unbridled Success

Business Growth

Imagine Your Team Firing on All Cylinders!

A team like that would possess the type of propulsion that lands a man on the moon and beyond. When you have the new HorsePower culture, you can accelerate change quickly; launch into the next big innovation from the word go; and propel maximum power into a big business challenge!

Whether you need to downshift into a hairpin business curve or accelerate releasing all reins, when Betti presents Working with HorsePower, your team will harness their potential for unbridled success, boost teamwork, and increase trust. Develop powerful relationships and realize success…using the New HorsePower to Generate Momentum!

Betti’s series of HorsePower keynotes will rev your team to the next level:

  • Influence and Inspire with Effective Communication
  • Make Emotional Intelligence work for you
  • Build Team Loyalty and Cohesion
  • Be the Leader You’d Want to Follow
  • Inspirational Leadership Makes the Difference
  • Change, Reinvention & Balance
  • Teamwork that Makes the Dream Work
  • Achievement with Purpose, Power and Passion – The 5 HorsePower Energy Elements!

Discover the true formula for HorsePower: Passion + Energy + Momentum = Success!



HorsePower Tip

HorsePower Tip!

Horses can be the greatest teachers and masters for teaching key business, leadership and life skills! They can teach us many lessons that can help us in life, the barn or the boardroom.

Betti’s Superpower is Increasing Your HorsePower!

  • Find out how to Accelerate Sales and Build Winning Relationships
  • Discover the 8 new competencies for progressive leaders
  • Receive the 25 tools on how leading companies have built winning work cultures from the “Top 100 Companies to Work For!” 
  • Understand how to capture your unique HorsePower and live with MOMENTUM!
  • Increase your persuasive value proposition…using HorsePower
  • Increase your revenues, profits and shareholder value…with… HorsePower!

“There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man”  – Sir Winston Churchill


This has been a homerun for our organization and this will help us have some rapid results!


Betti owns the stage and is so inspirational!


I think you have done a phenomenal job.  The passion you bring is inspiring.  I’ll be using these ideas immediately….and will keep powering up!


To increase your HorsePower contact Betti, or call 214-763-6344!