Be the Leader You’d Want to Follow

Authentic Leadership Integrating Respect, Integrity and Trust

Being Authentic is the Most Important Factor in Leadership Success!

Authentic leaders are not afraid to show their emotions, their vulnerabilities. They connect with their employees. They are self-aware and genuine. Mission-driven and focused on results. They lead with their heart and focus on the long term. Authentic Leadership emphasizes building leaders legitimacy through honest relationships built on the values of Respect, Trust and Integrity.

Think of someone in your life you admire and respect. Would you trust them with your finances, your home, your children, your future, your life? Why?

You probably feel they are authentic – they’re trustworthy. You feel comfortable and safe with them. They don’t play games. They’re truthful, straightforward, honest, open and sincere. They do what they say they’re going to do. You can rely on them. There is a saying in the horse world – “All bonds are built on trust.” Without it, you have nothing.

So… What makes people follow you? What makes people trust you? How about respect? Do people feel comfortable and confident in your leadership qualities and abilities to lead them?

A horse will follow the “herd leader” as long as they believe in them…no matter the terrain, weather or complications they encounter. Would people “follow you into battle?” Through the eyes of your teams and customers, do they see you as their “herd leader?” Betti’s keynote will help you identify the areas you need to change in order to become the herd leader in your organization.

Authenticity, trust, integrity and respect all impact in your relationships and success!

With this Keynote Betti will help you and your team to:


  • Learn how honesty sells… how to be a better salesperson and increase profits!
  • Shape a culture of responsibility, accountability and improved performance
  • Learn how leaders can be transparent – that’s both liberating and inspiring
  • Learn how to earn trust…and keep it!
  • Learn the “5 Qualities of Authentic Leadership” and take the “Your Engagement Profile Authenticity Quiz”!



HorsePower Tip

HorsePower Tip!

If you have gained the trust of a horse, you have won a friend for life.

Horses teach us about honesty and authenticity because they know no other way of being. They teach us about collaboration over dominance. And they teach us to respect and honor the unknown rather than to fear it and try to destroy it.


“Thank you so much for the keynote. It was well received and energized our operations as we move into multiple locations. Nice perspective on our client relationships.”

Schlotskys NW

“This keynote made a huge impact on our organization. Betti is so authentic and speaks from the heart.”

Southeast Division American Tech

Very well conducted and well received. This program had our team discussing issues in a new, refreshing, non-threatening environment. I got to hear their issues and concerns and I was encouraged by their excitement and commitment after this program. Thank you!

Greenbrier Co.

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