Teamwork That Makes the Dream Work

Good Teamwork is Transformational

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships” – Michael Jordan

Do you like those posters that give you a “little ditty” that’s supposed to inspire Teamwork? Are those posters plastered all over the walls in your building? Do they work?

My job is to make you think about Teamwork a little differently!  Today’s teams are different from teams of the past: they’re more diverse, dispersed, digital and dynamic.  And although they face new hurdles, new projects and intense deadlines – it’s still all about how you work together, who you’re working with and group collaboration and dynamics.

A winning team is when people come together to focus on a project and successfully manage any  challenges while trusting each other, appreciating each other’s skills and abilities, and communicating – communicating- communicating  effectively! 

What’s really tough in Teamwork is managing egos, developing humility, resolving conflicts and, above all, committing  to one another for the common goal.  This can be challenging! Good Teamwork is transformational. A good project and a good team will be life-changing! Good team alignment, growth performance while increasing speed and agility… feels good!

You become more aware of your influence and impact on others when engagement improves and net results bring greater success!

Here are some unique Teamwork  ideas to think differently:

  • People, like horses don’t want to be led… they shine when working as a team!
  • Like people, when you understand your horse’s priorities – they’ll always go that “extra mile” for you!
  • When riding my horse we strive shoulder to shoulder and Teamwork can be summed up in five short words: “We believe in each other”

 This keynote delivers a compelling message that’s fun and impactful.  It demonstrates the importance of the new, enriched environments of collaboration, talent utilization, innovation, understanding, communication and empowerment.

Good business is understanding and working with others to out-think and out-perform the competition!


  • Learn how to reboot, engage and accelerate your team… with Momentum
  • Learn how to truly engage and connect to build a group that leads to success
  • Communicate and collaborate with trust to establish high value relationships
  • Connect teams to a shared vision and set of values
  • Learn to embrace the modern workforce and impact results quickly



HorsePower Tip

HorsePower Tip!

Have you ever performed in the arena with a creature that doesn’t speak your own language?

You don’t know teamwork until your partner is a 1600 pound free spirit!


“Thank you for your fantastic keynote on teamwork! Your energy, enthusiasm and messages were incredible! Your examples, stories and tips were excellent!”

Higher One

“Got some new ideas for my team that we can start applying. Best presentation our team heard. Really liked the horsepower perspectives – made a lot of sense – like horse sense!  Thanks.”


“I’m going to start right now! Love the 5 Energy Elements!

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