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Rudeness and Bad Manners Knocks Out Success

Did you know that the cost of bad behavior can impact your company’s success and cost millions of dollars! 
It will have a disastrous effect on your bottom line and your credibility with clients!
So does politeness pay?  You bet!

Think about your workplace and what goes on every day. Taking credit for others’ work, texting in meetings, spreading rumors and gossip, ignoring e-mails and not saying “thank you” are not only annoying – they cause stress, lost productivity, poor performance and negative employee engagement!  Studies have shown that eight out of ten employees are victims of insults or bullying…and that can cost a company millions! Performance slips, people lose interest and commitment… then find jobs elsewhere.  And, if a client sees incivility among a staff, there’s a 50% probability that they will not patronize that business again!
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